Skin & Wound Action Team

(a.k.a. SWAT Team)

Do you find it difficult to select wound dressings?

How confident are you in looking after wounds?

Are you tired of struggling alone?

Then the SWAT Team is perfect for you! 

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Skin & Wound

Action Team 

(a.k.a. the SWAT Team)

If you work in the health care sector (including residential aged care, primary health care, acute care or private practice), and would like to join a network of like-minded practitioners that support and empower each other you have come to the right place!

Whether you want to keep up-to-date with all things wound care, access online wound education opportunities or profile yourself as a wound care champion – we’ve got your back!

This membership program will provide you with the information and support you need to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence when it comes to caring for a person with a wound. With weekly lessons that can be completed in just 10 minutes, webinars each quarter including 'Live Q&A' with a wound care expert plus useful hints and tips, you will have resources at your fingertips to really transform outcomes. 

What you need to know

  • Online learning: at the beginning of each week, members will receive an email with a link to the online learning platform and new content. It may include a short video or a podcast plus tip sheets packed with useful strategies that can be implemented straight away. The lessons can be completed in just 10 minutes
  • Webinar: each quarter there will be a webinar of 45 minutes duration with 15 minutes ‘Live’ Q&A so members can explore key topics in greater detail
  • Collaborative Communitythis is a great place to network and connect with others in the program, ask questions, share experiences and hear how members of the group are applying concepts learned into every day practice. This membership is about implementation. Because when you've implemented what you've learned with the added support from our team and the incredible community.... success is inevitable
  • Virtual Peer Support Group: get the collective brilliance of your peers! Each month we'll take a deep dive with other team members to get a behind the scenes look at all the nitty gritty details of their wound problem or experience. This is your chance to connect with other team members, ask questions, and get supportive feedback. Your fellow members will each bring their own perspectives and experiences to help provide insight and strategies, and so much more. Because when it comes to getting clarity and bouncing ideas off others who 'get it' and 'understand it', you'll never feel lost or left behind. These are the types of things that make us better together! 
  • Weekly Master Your Mindset: sometimes we're so close to a situation, we can't see the forest for the tress. And worse still, we often can't see the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from reaching our full potential. That's where I will be jumping in every week and making sure you're not getting in your own way. I'm going to be keeping you on track and moving you forward. Giving you the support and encouragement you need to apply concepts learned and problem-solve challenges that you encounter. To feel more confident and to make a difference
  • Ongoing support: at any stage, questions or comments can be posted on the learning platform and responses will be given on the same day

Throughout the program, members will learn about common wound problems, practical strategies to improve wound care skills and ways to better assess, manage and prevent wounds and those at risk for wounds. The program is designed to motivate and empower you to maximise your full potential. To provide you with opportunities for support and to facilitate networks with others and to use those skills to change lives for the better.

What you get 

  • A new lesson each week (10 minutes)
  • Webinar each quarter with Live Q&A (45 - 60 minutes)
  • Private, members only Facebook group and Collaborative Community
  • Fully mentored Virtual Peer Support Group
  • Ongoing support from a wound care expert throughout the program
  • Certificate of Completion and professional development points
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Online learning 

Short videos or podcasts each week packed with useful strategies that can be implemented straight away.

Webinars each quarter with Live Q&A to keep you up-to-date.

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Virtual Peer Support

Network and connect with other members, ask questions in a supportive environment, share experiences and hear how other members are applying concepts learned into everyday clinical practice.

It all starts with you


When you invest in your future by growing your knowledge, you're also creating meaningful change in the world.

Because with the more you learn and improve your skills, the more confident you will be to take real action so you can change lives for the better. 

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Key benefits 

  • You will gain high level, evidence-based information and useful takeaways that can be implemented immediately
  • Webinar each quarter to keep you updated
  • Fully mentored Virtual Peer Support Group
  • Collaborative Community so that you can build networks and get the support you need
  • Weekly lessons that can be watched or listened to at any time day or night from any device for 12 months. This is a great way to advance skills and knowledge while on the go (i.e. while driving home, waiting for meetings, having lunch or as part of hand over)
  • Weekly Q&A sessions where you can bring your toughest questions and get instant feedback from a wound expert

What are you waiting for?

There are different membership types and pricing to suit your needs. Join the SWAT Team today to stay informed, connected, supported and inspired to use your knowledge and skills to change lives for the better.

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Individual Membership


Most Popular

  • 12 x $29 
  • Join at anytime 

Individual Annual Membership


Top features

  • 1 x $359/y
  • Join at anytime

Organisational Membership


Top features

  • Includes up to 3 employees per facility
  • Membership is transferable
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  • Actionable steps to take to grow your knowledge, skills and confidence
  • Insights and inspiration
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