About Us


Our vision is to create a better life for people

with or at risk for wounds and those caring for them.


Wound Specialist Services uses digital solutions to give as many people as possible access to wound knowledge anytime and anywhere to improve patient and health service outcomes. We enable the delivery of best practice wound care through our comprehensive range of services.

What We Do 

We strive for excellence, ensuring that our services are ethical, high quality, evidence-based, patient-centred and provided by a qualified and experienced team who is accountable and appropriately credentialed.

Virtual Wound Clinic

Our expert team supports healthcare workers facing complex wound issues. The Virtual Wound Clinic offers both store-and-forward (asynchronous) or videoconferencing (synchronous) services to improve access to specialised wound advice.

Clinical Service Improvement

Wound Specialist Services can assist organisations to respond positively to the multifactorial challenges facing the health workforce. Drawing upon extensive experience and industry knowledge in the specialty of wound prevention and management we work collaboratively with organisations to improve the safety and quality of care.

Education & Training

Wound Specialist Services supports healthcare workers and organisations to improve their knowledge, skill and confidence to provide better care. We provide high quality education and training in wound care to empower clinicians for today and the future.

 Wound Specialist Services:
  • Uses digital solutions to provide high quality, evidence-based services to ensure that all people with wounds or at risk for wounds, regardless of where they live, have access to the expert care they require
  • Enables care providers by giving them access to evidence-based, digital tools and resources at the point-of-care
  • Provides high quality education and training in wound care to empower clinicians for today and the future
  • Improves the safety and quality of care through digital technology
  • Fosters effective partnerships with customers to reduce the burden of wound care using cutting edge technology

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